Exposure 8

“Imagination is related to the infinite”. – Charles Baudelaire

In its origin , the word art indicated the technical skills necessary to produce an object or the exercise of a particular activity.

So was the art mister smiths and cobblers , but also poets or sculptors .

For the arts that had to do with the production of useful objects , with time we preferred to use the term “craft”.

However , today , when a craft is exercised with the professional work and creativity of isolated individuals , there is talk of craft ; and when a job is well done , they said that was performed according to the concepts of “art”.

For many centuries , the word “art ” merely indicate the so-called fine arts , ie , those that had an aesthetic purpose ( the search for beauty) in the visual and figurative arts . In more recent times we realized that the idea of what is beautiful or what is not can be very different between different people , and even to the same people it can change over time.

Exposure 8 figure the concept of imagination and the Infinite . Being the 8 lowered the “tie that always returns to itself “, the infinite can be seen from many perspectives . In this case we can use some of their interpretations as the cycle of art returned to its source , or even the endless possibilities of art in all its transformative power , being an important vector in the cultural transformation process.

The artist Billy Saga chose 8 of his works and made ​​accessible.

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